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High-Impact Consulting is built on the principles of integrity, mutual trust, accountability and communication. It’s what we stand for, how we operate and our promise to you. We bring these core values to each engagement, and continually check the health of our relationships against them.

Our core tenets are:
Honest and direct communication
Authentic and reliable relationships are based on two-way communication that includes listening, being straightforward and willing to ask for clarification and help.

Creative problem-solving
We look at providing solutions that are not necessarily obvious, and may be untraditional, but will generate long-term, sustainable growth.

Respect your yield
We will always look for the best possible solutions in the most cost-effective ways.

Stronger together
The utmost value will be put on our relationship with you, your relationships with your stakeholders, and the potential that relationships have for your business.

Approaching challenging situations from a positive perspective results in a more relaxed environment that invites creativity, encourages honesty and yields clarity.

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“Diana brought a strong skill level to our strategic plan process, negotiating varying needs, internally and externally, through the growth of our organization. These intricacies cannot be overlooked, and Diana’s integrity and tactful negotiations enabled her to move the process forward to a positive conclusion.”

Anne Sorensen
Board Member
lake county cares
Serving Northern Chicago and Lake County   |   847.231.6223   |   diana@high-impactconsulting.net