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Unique Approach

Recognizing that each client’s circumstances are distinct, High-Impact Consulting utilizes a unique approach to assessing organizational health and identifying customized, cost-effective, sustainable and achievable options for a strong future.

Our approach is rooted in the following principles:
Unearth and maximize what lies within
Before looking outside an organization for solutions or opportunities, we look internally at your relationships, talents, assets and core competencies to see what lies within.

Look at the wheel, don’t recreate it
If there are ongoing problems, there have likely been previous attempts at fixing or assessing them. Let’s learn from what has been done, before starting from scratch.

Function in the realm of operational reality
Ideas and plans can look great on paper, but to generate real, sustainable results, it is imperative to understand the organization’s actual circumstances and operate within that reality.

Use the power of perspective
Sometimes we have done things so long that we can’t even think about another way of doing them. Bringing forth different angles and standpoints can be a simple, but effective problem-solving tool.

Understand the underlying nuances of people and relationships
Personal dynamics have a substantial impact on an organization’s operations, especially those with a small number of employees. Considering and incorporating those nuances can maximize success on many different fronts.

Engage mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships as a no- or low-cost strategy
When limited funds appear to limit opportunities, it is time to initiate, explore and exploit (in a positive way) mutually beneficial relationship with people and businesses in order to acquire what you need.

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“I have collaborated with Diana on several projects for Lekotek, AblePlay, Anixter and Companies That Care–all complex with multiple stakeholders. I’m impressed with Diana’s ability to see challenges from all perspectives and find strategic, creative solutions that work across the board. There might be a mysterious force at work here that allows her to be in more than one pair of shoes at a time. Dedicated, insightful, resourceful, a pleasure to work with.”

Barry Lohman
Vice President
neiger Design, Inc.
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